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Ultraviolet water treatment technology gets $31M research funding

London, ON – April 5, 2004 – The federal government is providing $9.36-million in funding to help develop leading-edge water purification systems using ultraviolet light. The funding, made through Technology Partnerships Canada, is part of a $31.2-million research and development project being undertaken by Trojan Technologies to refine its purification technology to destroy toxic chemicals and pathogens, and to improve its energy efficiency.

The investment will assist Trojan Technologies in further developing UV- based systems for use in the purification of municipal drinking water. These systems will reduce the need for chlorination, which can produce byproducts known to be harmful to human health.

“We applaud Technology Partnerships Canada for its investment in supporting water research initiatives with a recognized and innovative company such as Trojan Technologies,” said Mark Servos, scientific director, Canadian Water Network. “Water is a resource that Canadians often take for granted. Innovation in water treatment is key to Canada’s ability to provide safe and affordable water resources for its citizens.”