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Research on hydrogen-based systems receives $1.4M funding

Mississauga, ON March 9, 2004 – The federal government has announced a $1.4-million investment to support innovative research and development of environmentally friendly hydrogen backup power generators and other hydrogen-related systems. This Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) investment is part of a $4.25-million project amendment with Stuart Energy Systems to adapt its hydrogen generation technology used in refuelling stations toward the development of advanced hydrogen backup power generators and hydrogen-based storage systems for renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

“The government of Canada, in the recent Speech from the Throne, restated its commitment to supporting the development of innovative environmental technologies,” said Lucienne Robillard, minister of industry. “Through this investment, we are not only helping our environment, but we are also creating a strong and vibrant economy for years to come.”

The investment will assist Stuart Energy Systems in developing environmentally friendly hydrogen backup power generators, which would be able to power a building’s critical systems during a power outage. These systems would replace traditional diesel backup power generators, which are currently used in most large buildings. By adding a fuel dispenser module to the mechanism, Stuart Energy Systems’ generators could also provide clean and safe hydrogen fuel, thereby providing companies with the ability to refuel their own hydrogen-powered vehicles.

“This type of technology will play an important role in enabling more long-term uses of hydrogen, such as the fuel cell and large-scale power generation,” said Alan Lloyd, member of the Canadian Hydrogen Technology Advisory Group and 2003 chairman of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. “Not only will this kind of technology contribute to important environmental improvements, but it will also help establish an infrastructure that will benefit the entire hydrogen industry now and into the future.”