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Hydrogen demo project in BC gets R&D funding

Burnaby, BC June 3, 2003 QuestAir Technologies says it will receive C$720,000 in partnership funding from the federal and British Columbia governments under the Western Economic Partnership Agreement. The funding is intended to support the research and development of the company’s hydrogen purification technology.

“Our hydrogen purification technology provides pure hydrogen more efficiently and at a lower cost,” says Jonathan Wilkinson, QuestAir’s president and CEO. “This improves the performance and durability of fuel cells, making them more economical and environmentally friendly.

The project will demonstrate the use of QuestAir’s proprietary pressure swing adsorption technology for recovering and recycling hydrogen from waste gas streams, such as those produced by refineries," he adds. "The integration of QuestAir’s hydrogen purification technology with a small-scale natural gas reforming system for use in on-site hydrogen generation and stationary fuel cells will also be demonstrated."

The project will be administered by Fuel Cells Canada through its fuel cell demonstration projects program, and will be located at the National Research council’s fuel cell technology laboratory in Vancouver.