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Program to help young scientists intern in industry

Toronto, ON – In an initiative to offer on-the-job training to graduate researchers, the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) is partnering with the University of Toronto Graduate Enterprise Internship Program (GEI) and the Engineering Career Centre – Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, to provide work internships in the province’s scientific industry. Each internship provides 6 months of employment with a southern Ontario-based company. The province is at the forefront of global neuroscience research and ranks fourth in the world in terms of brain research.

The Ontario Brain Institute Graduate Opportunities (OBI GO) Internship program is part of OBI’s Experiential Education Initiative (EEI). This initiative provides opportunities and experience away from the bench, for students and recent graduates from neuroscience and related programs, from across the province. The specific goal of the OBI GO Internships is to give neuroscience graduates the skills and experience they need to thrive in careers in the neurotechnology industry.

The OBI Go internships are, in turn, part of a broader $4 million initiative funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the University of Toronto to help up to 300 graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs transfer their skills to the workplace.

“We’re working to translate Ontario’s huge potential for breakthrough discoveries around the brain into new jobs, businesses and entire industries. The new internship program is another step towards reaching that goal,” said Dr. Donald Stuss, President and Scientific Officer of OBI:

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