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Cryo-SEM system helps to visualize crystals at cryogenic temperatures
Dr. Anna Warren is a senior support scientist on VMXm, a new beamline currently under development an...
The system encompasses an entire assembly, featuring a radial magnetic coupling, designed specifically according to client specifications.
Big bioreactor BREAKTHROUGH
No matter what the industry, taking the step from providing components to creating long-term partner...
Figure 1 - Genevac EZ-2 Evaporator
SAMPLE PREP for drugs of abuse testing
A method for the extraction of drugs of abuse from urine samples pertaining to drug facilitated sexu...
Pictured left to right: Jeff Smirle, CMSC business manager; Josh Larocque, founder of Broadhead Brewery; Jeff Smith, CMSC director; and Karl Wasslen, CMSC Operations manager. Image credit: Chris Roussakis.
New lab spurs new growth
Along with celebrating its official opening at Carleton University in Ottawa in late September, the ...
Screen shot. Photo courtesy of JusticeTrax.
Automating DNA sample testing
Automation is playing an increasingly important role in today’s demanding laboratory environme...
The mass spec team, from left to right: Masaaki Ubukata, Ph.D., mass spec applications chemist; Robert B. Cody, Ph.D., mass spec product manager; and John Dane, Ph.D., mass spec applications chemist.
Dust created by recycling electronics waste is known to emit pollutants that can find their way into...


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