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New, safe approach to carrying lab samples

Rack’n’Lab sample transport system.

Rack’n’Lab sample transport system.

Rack’n’Lab is designed to allow multiple bags to be used while being held upright without the need for bottles or specifically designed bags. It is particularly suitable for use with transport bags in food testing and environmental water sampling.

The lightweight and versatile rack takes up very little storage space when stored in its flat form and is available in two different sizes.

The autoclavable rack is made of FDA-approved virgin polypropylene, and is shipped in one inch thick boxes with three flat racks inside. It can be assembled or dismantled in less than one minute. A sturdy handle facilitates safe transportation and identified rows allow for easy identification of samples. Up to 40ml can be retained in case of a leak. Racks are stackable and will easily fit in standard coolers. Labplas

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