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Executive appointments at Canadian Water Network

Toronto, ON November 6, 2003 The Canadian Water Network has appointed Dr Mark R Servos as the scientific director of the network. In addition, it has named two new members to its board of directors: Paul Glover from Health Canada and Ron Nielsen from Alcan.

Prior to joining the network, Dr Servos was chief of the priority substances exposure project at Environment Canada’s National Water Research Institute in Burlington.

Mr Glover is currently the director general of the safe environments programme of Health Canada and is responsible for promoting healthy living, working and recreational environments by identifying and assessing health risks to Canadians posed by environmental factors. Mr Glover also serves on the board of directors of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital and the Centre for Water and the Environment at Queen’s University.

Mr Nielsen is director, sustainability and strategic partnerships with Alcan, and works with the business groups to develop and improve management of sustainability across Alcan. He also provides strategic advice and helps to develop sustainability-related partnerships that support and strengthen Alcan’s efforts to be a leader in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Established in 2001 as a Network of Centres of Excellence, the Canadian Water Network seeks to ensure Canada’s pre-eminent role in the management and sustainable use of water resources. The network says it presently supports 28 projects involving over 100 researchers and 30 Canadian universities. Research efforts have a multi-disciplinary and multi-regional focus, and integrate national research initiatives with regional industry and government partners. It currently has 48 industrial partners, 65 government partners and an additional assortment of private-sector partners.