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$30M flows to water research

Onoway, AB – Alberta’s provincial government is allocating $30 million to begin implementing a water research strategy, which focuses on safe drinking water, efficient water use and healthy watersheds.

“Developing knowledge and new technologies for effective water management is very important for Alberta’s future,” says George VanderBurg, acting minister of Alberta Innovation and Science. “This strategy ensures we will have different experts working together on specific questions, and the various ideas and approaches will strengthen the research process and provide for well-informed water management decisions”.

The water research strategy was developed by the Alberta Science and Research Authority, the Alberta Water Council, the provincial government and other research partners. It outlines goals, priorities and strategies for building on the scientific knowledge gained to date through the Alberta Research Council, the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research, the, post-secondary institutions, industry, utility companies, municipalities, water basin councils, water managers and stewardship groups and other Alberta government departments.

The fund will be managed through Alberta Ingenuity, which will coordinate provincial water research with national and international efforts to ensure the long term safety, quality and sustainability of Alberta’s water resources.