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Agricultural research projects get federal, provincial funding

Winnipeg, MB – The governments of Canada and Manitoba are providing nearly $400,000 to support ten research projects. The projects are funded under Growing Forward 2‘s Growing Innovation – On Farm, which evaluates and demonstrates new agricultural practices or technologies at the farm level. The research must help to increase productivity, introduce new crops or products, refine agricultural management practices or introduce improved production techniques.

The Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) is one of the funded organizations and will receive $288,400 to conduct six research projects focused on airflow in large grain storage bins; guidelines and tools for consolidating on-farm surface water; improving efficiency for soybean harvest; comparing canola harvest methods; hemp harvesting for use in fibre processing; and flax fibre harvesting.

Other funded projects include:

– $50,000 to evaluate smart hive technology to improve hive health, disease surveillance and traceability (Durston Honey Farms Ltd.);

– $15,745 to study how crop harrowing can improve weed control in organic hemp production and organic transition periods (Scott Beaton);

– $20,970 to develop a test for Staphylococcus aureus in raw milk (Horizon Lab Ltd.); and

– $23,900 to study nitrogen management for high-yielding wheat varieties (Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association).