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Agricultural research program sees first round of projects receive funding

Aylmer, ON – The first round of projects have been approved for funding in a federal-provincial program that supports new research and development projects in Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food sector. The two governments are providing up to $35 million for the program, called Canada-Ontario Research and Development (CORD).

“Increasing the value of our agricultural products is the key to improving our agri-food sector,” said Bob Bedggood, chair of the Agricultural Adaptation Council. He adds the solutions to challenges facing Canada’s primary producers and downstream stakeholders are readily available, and that the CORD program will draw those innovative individuals and groups together. “Like most things in life, the difficult tasks are made easier when we work together, and CORD funding is intended to make a difference in that sense.”

CORD funds can be used for a variety of initiatives that will add value to farm production, explore new processing ventures or tap previously unused resources of information or expertise. Projects must include a focus on specific opportunities or challenges facing the province’s agri-food sector, enlist private sector support, demonstrate cost-sharing, address any gaps in support of research and technology transfer, and be market-oriented.

In the first round of projects, more than $7 million has been allocated to 70 research initiatives identified as priorities. The projects are as follows:

– Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association: Ontario Corn-Fed Beef Market Recovery Initiative, $600,000

-Canadian Mushroom Growers Association: Microbial Profile of Mushrooms, $70,468

– Ontario Pork: Environment and Food Safety Summit, $24,000; Ontario Red Meat Branding Program, $70,000

– Flowers Canada (Ontario): New & Improved Floriculture Crops, $61,000; Modern Reduced Risk Pest Management, $240,000; Techniques For Controlling Height of Plants, $34,067; High Intensity Pulse Lighting in Greenhouses, $16,000; Bedding Plant Evaluations for Ontario, $30,000; Pathogen Resistance of Ornamental Crops by NSO, $80,000; Advance Industry Driven R&D Strategy, $330,000

– Ontario Veal Association: Ontario Veal Industry Development Initiative, $985,000

– Ontario Cattlemen’s Association: Beef Industry Impact on the Ontario Economy, $263,100; Research Communications Proposal, $9,200; Genomic & Proteomic Approaches to Vaccines, $30,000; C3d Early Calfhood Vaccination, $20,000, Genetic Marker for Beef Tenderness, $15,000, Quality Drinking Water and Animal Performance, $15,000; Bovine Adenovirus-3 for Oral Vaccinations, $30,000; DNA Based, Needle Free Vaccination Methods, $20,000; Glycolytic Inhibitors to Improve Tenderness, $28,912; Physiological Mechanism in Nutrient Control, $40,000; Review and Summary of CORD Funded Projects, $8,160

– Ontario Soybean Growers: Assess and Control Soybean Prod Threats, $30,000; Reducing Soybean Seed Costs, $30,000; Soybean Rust Monitoring (Sentinel Plots), $138,000; Ontario Soybean Insect and Disease Survey, $30,000, Develop Pest Resistant & Value-Added Soybeans, $300,000; Evaluate Selected Plants for Rust Resistance, $18,000; Cumulative Effect of Herbicide Stress on Soybeans, $30,000; Develop High Oil Soybeans for Biodiesel Mrkts, $45,000; Develop a Gene Chip-Based Screen for Soybean, $82,500

– Ontario Corn Producers’ Association; Evaluate Value-Added Processing in U.S./ON, $20,000; Effect of Time of Day on Herbicide Efficacy, $30,000; Cumulative Stresses in Corn, $30,000; Impact of Poncho Seed Treatment/Various Stress, $5,000

– Ontario Wheat Producers’ Marketing: Weed Management In Wheat, $109,000

– Ontario Forage Council: Management Stress Tolerance of Forage Varieties, $12,390

– Oat & Barley Council of Ontario: Barley & Oat Seeding Rates/Dates for East ON, $22,600; Effects of Pearling Levels on Absorption, $33,000; Inheritance of Groat Yield in Milling Oat, $19,800

– Ontario Wheat Producers’ Marketing: Weed Management Reduced Rates in C, S, & W, $66,000

– Ontario Apple Growers’: Ontario Apple Promotional Initiative, $115,000; Ontario Apple Fall Promotion, $18,000; Research and Development Coordinator, $175,000; Fungicide Resistance/Testing for Orchards, $27,760; GPS Mapping Commercial Apple Orchards, $120,000

– Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers: Irrigation Control for Rockwool Grown Crops, $55,000; Market Development/Market Data Analyst, $167,500; Develop Control Bacterial Canker in Tomato, $111,200; Somatic Embryogenesis to Breed GH Cucumber, $75,000; Evaluate Nutrient Solution Disinfection, $31,500

– Ontario Tender Fruit Producers’ Marketing Board: Pear Breeding Program Support, $10,919; Plum Pox Virus/Domestic Prunus Certification, $136,000; Ontario Fruit Testing Association Support, $5,000; Chilled Pitted Cherry Market Development, $80,000; Ontario Fresh Fruit Market Development, $440,000; Niagara Pest Alert, $30,675; Fruit Breeding Program Support, $45,000; OWN – Growing Degree Day Maturity Project, $11,000

– Ontario Potato Board: Identify and Evaluate New Potato Germplasm, $140,627; Enhance Sustainability Ontario Processing Industry, $230,000

– Grape Growers of Ontario: Small Cottage Winery Promotion – Here’s to Ontario $18,750; Harmonia Axyridis and Juice/Wine Quality, $85,500; Ontario Pest Alert, $37,900; GGO Business & Research Analyst, $225,000; OWN – Growing Degree Day Maturity, $12,000

– Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario: Fresh Vegetable Industry Assoc Development, $420,000

– Ontario Fresh Grape Growers’: Market for Sovereign Coronation Table Grapes, $71,127

– Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trade Association: Develop Strategy to Deal With Invasive Pests, $300,000