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$2M funding supports agricultural projects in Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB – A total of $2 million in funding is being awarded to 24 research projects in Manitoba’s agriculture and agri-food sector by the federal and Manitoba’s provincial governments. The funded projects cover a range of agricultural issues.

In addition to the federal and provincial funding, applicants and funding partners are providing cash and in-kind contributions of approximately $3.6 million. Partners include agricultural businesses, commodity groups, the Western Grains Research Foundation and university and government researchers.

The funding is being awarded through Growing Innovation – Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative (GI-ARDI) under Growing Forward 2, and following are the projects that are receiving funding. Details include organization, project name and GI-ARDI funding:

  • Canola Council of Canada. Canola Oil Multi-Centre Intervention Trial (COMIT II): Effects of oleic acid enriched and regular canola oil on body composition and lipid metabolism in participants with metabolic syndrome. $87,500
  • Composites Innovation Centre. European flax decortications process and material evaluation. $26,905
  • Manitoba Beef Producers. Impact of cow-calf feeding and vaccination strategies on carcass outcomes in beef cattle. $261,234
  • Manitoba Beekeepers Association. First steps in risk assessment: Blacklegged tick seasonality and development in southern Manitoba. $78,400
  • Manitoba Corn Growers Association. Manitoba corn initiative:  Corn agronomy, fertility and agrometeorology project. $138,801
  • Manitoba Egg Farmers. Effective dietary phosphorus management with pytase and multicarbohydrate supplementation and its benefit to the producer and the environment. $88,350
  • Manitoba Egg Farmers. Determination of phosphorus requirements in pullets and laying hens:  Implications for feed and manure management under enriched caging systems. $180,000
  • Manitoba Forage Seed Association. Advancing our knowledge of trinexapac-ethyl in the grass seed industry. $74,092
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Hemp product consumption and human health trials. $114,770
  • Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre. Determination of aerial spore counts of black dot (C. coccodes) and silver scurf (H. solani) in potato storages. $14,040
  • Manitoba Hydro. Enhanced bioenergy production through anaerobic co-digestion of dairy manure and local organic waste streams. $111,970
  • Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. Late planting of early-maturing soybeans in Manitoba. $25,719
  • Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. Economic and biological implications of volunteer canola in soybeans. $40,000
  • Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. Evaluating the effect of simulated hail damage on soybean maturity, yield and quality. $65,490
  • Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. Use of Manitoba peas as nitrogen nutrient in fermentations. $46,500
  • Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. Effects of black and navy beans on blood vessel function and remodeling. $44,922
  • Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association. Application and evaluation of genomic selection for improving fusarium head blight resistance and lowering deoxynivalenol accumulation in two-row malting barley. $97,467
  • Peak of the Market. Evaluation of management strategies to control insecticide-resistant populations of Colorado potato beetle. $38,460
  • Peak of the Market. Influence of nitrogen on the yield and quality of Dark Red Norland, Sangre and Viking potato varieties. $41,525