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Montreal inaugurated as seat of proteome organization

Montreal, QC – Montral International, Gnome Qubec and McGill University have officially inaugurated the offices of the international headquarters of HUPO (Human Proteome Organisation) at the McGill University and Gnome Qubec Innovation Centre.

The inauguration, earlier this week, drew world-renowned scientists and other guests from the life sciences sector, business world and international organization circles.

“Establishing a permanent head office in Montreal is a major step forward in our organization’s development,” said Dr John Bergeron, president of HUPO and chair of McGill University’s department of anatomy and cell biology. “It will substantially facilitate international research in proteomics which will, in the long run, lead to the development of new treatments and diagnostic tools for many diseases.”

Proteomics is the study of the proteome, that is, the full set of proteins synthesized by a cell, tissue, an organ or an organism. Under HUPO’s aegis, projects focusing on the proteomes of the brain, liver, plasma and other organs and tissues will lead to new tools for diagnosing and treating chronic and fatal diseases such as cancer.

“This is an important day for Montreal, for Quebec and for the rest of Canada as we are welcoming a world-renowned organization in a cutting-edge life sciences discipline,” said Marc Fortier, president and CEO of Montreal International. “HUPO thus joins the approximately 60 international organizations already located in the Montreal area that continue to make a strong contribution to our region’s economic development and international renown.”

Located on the campus of McGill University, the McGill University and Gnome Qubec Innovation Centre does primary research in genomics and proteomics.