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Gnome Qubec and CGI partner to create integrated bioinformatics platform

Montreal, QC April 30, 2003 Gnome Qubec, a genomics and proteomics investment organization, and CGI Group, a provider of information technology and business processing services, say they are working together to provide new solutions that will help reduce costs and speed time-to-market for researchers. As part of the five-year agreement, CGI will create a comprehensive and integrated bioinformatics platform for Gnome Qubec, based on CGI’s bioinformatics and development expertise.

This partnership is intended to allow important jump-start capabilities in bioinformatics for researchers. The ultimate goal is to give researchers access to technology solutions that they would not have otherwise therefore reducing significantly research time and costs. Other benefits to researchers include obtaining access to world experts, a commercialization agreement and sharing knowledge.

CGI will build, integrate, automate and operate parts of Gnome Qubec’s bioinformatics analysis pipeline, helping increase speed and efficiency across its various genotyping platform technologies. In essence, CGI will build a solution that has the ability to effectively manage genotyping marker information, performance, and history as well as genotyping laboratory activities.

“A robust platform that can ensure speed and efficiency is what we need. Industrializing our processes translates into quicker-to-market discoveries. It is clearly what will help us propel our science,” says Dr Tom Hudson, director of the McGill University and Gnome Qubec Innovation Center.