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Accord to boost genomic and biomedical initiatives in Quebec

Montreal, QC — February 14, 2003 — The Government of Quebec and the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region yesterday signed a "Platform" agreement, which is intended to create innovation in genomic and biomedical research at the Universit de Montral’s Centre for Genetic Community Medicine (CMGC). The agreement is part of a general ACCORD Economic Development Agreement, giving targetted development support to the region by the Quebec government.

"The genomic and biomedical research sector is increasingly vibrant around the world and most particularly, over the last 20 years, in this region," says Paul L’Archevque, president and CEO of Gnome Qubec. "The Saguenay – Lac-Saint Jean region is already a contributor to numerous projects, working with other groups and networks on various social, economic and scientific projects tied into this sector.

"In addition to contributing to the region’s economy and bolstering the international stature of the CMGC, these agreements will bring together and truly encourage those currently involved in genomic and biomedical research in the area," he adds.

This agreement will facilitate initiatives in four genomic and biomedical business sectors:
– genetic and genomic community medicine;
– community pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics;
– translational medicine, and
– technological development

The Platform agreement provides an assessment service, which will oversee the dissemination of results, assess the marketing potential and support the pre-launch of research projects.

It also includes an incubation service, which will give strategic counsel, organizational and financial support to existing companies, or to those created from natural synergies of new projects.

Gnome Qubec is a not-for-profit investment organization created to stimulate genomic and proteomic research initiatives in Quebec. Gnome Qubec’s mission is to play a structuring and mobilizing role in the important field of genomics. It currently oversees this technological nucleus, as well as 17 large research projects. Gnome Qubec’s partners are Genome Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Finance, Economy and Research.