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First steps taken to make BioMed City a reality

Winnipeg, MB – An initiative to push Winnipeg to the forefront of public health research and innovation in Canada is beginning to take shape with the appointment of William Smith, on assignment from the National Research Council, as its executive director.

The initiative, called BioMed City, is operating under the auspices of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID). The idea was first recommended in 2003 by a joint federal-provincial task force as an area where laboratories and scientists could provide synergies for new research, training, product development, commercialization and company start-ups.

Plans are in place to establish a community leadership council, comprised of leaders in research, education, public health and industry, to oversee planning and implementation and provide insight, direction and support for BioMed City. The leadership council will meet for a planning session in the next few weeks.

Previously the executive director for the NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program’s west region, Mr Smith will be responsible for the development and implementation of BioMed City’s plans and strategy.