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Innovative Ontario scientists receive Premier’s Research Excellence Awards

Toronto, ON May 2, 2003 Some of the best and brightest researchers in Ontario have received the Premier’s Research Excellence Awards, Jim Flaherty, Minister of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, has announced.

Each of the 60 round-seven winners and the 71 round-eight winners of the award received up to $100,000 from the Ontario government and $50,000 from their university to further their research.

Recipients from round-seven came from 13 universities across the province, with the round-eight recipients representing 12 Ontario universities.

“We are committed to increasing the development of scientific and technological research and innovation,” said Flaherty, who made the announcement on behalf of Premier Ernie Eves. “This is crucial to the long-term economic prosperity of Ontario."

The Premier’s Research and Excellence Awards were created in 1998 to help Ontario’s researchers attract talented people to their research teams and to encourage innovation among the province’s brightest young researchers at universities, colleges, hospitals and research institutes.

The 10-year, C$127 5-million awards program includes an $85-million provincial investment, and an additional $42.5-million from research institutions and private-sector partners. To date, 509 Ontario researchers have received $76.2 million in awards from the Ontario government and its partners.

Research projects range from health sciences to information and communications technology to developing new materials for industry. Each year, several rounds of applications from eligible researchers go through a competitive process.

The round seven and eight winners are as follows:

1) Round Seven

Dr Richard D Oleschuk, Queen’s University
Prof Tamas Linder, Queen’s University
Prof Lynann Clapham, Queen’s University
Dr Amadeo M Parissenti, Laurentian University
Prof Madhur Anand, Laurentian University
Prof Jeffrey Atkinson, Brock University
Prof Louis Barriault, University of Ottawa
Dr Karen F T Copeland, University of Ottawa
Dr Stephen Vincent Evans, University of Ottawa
Prof Victor G LeBlanc, University of Ottawa
Dr Graham Nichol, University of Ottawa
Dr Paul A Charpentier, University of Western Ontario
Dr Styliani Constas, University of Western Ontario
Prof Sven J Dickinson, University of Toronto
Prof Marie-Josee Fortin, University of Toronto
Prof Robert C de Loe, University of Guelph
Prof Nicholas J Bernier, University of Guelph
Prof Coral L Murrant, University of Guelph
Prof Wayne J Parker, Carleton University
Prof Daniel Panario, Carleton University
Prof Gail Marie Atkinson, Carleton University
Prof Robert J Stainton, Carleton University
Prof Robert J Letcher, University of Windsor
Dr Mark Loeb, McMaster University
Dr Jianping Xu, McMaster University
Prof Thiagalingam Kirubarajan, McMaster University
Prof Kari Dalnoki-Varess, McMaster University
Prof Julia Lu, Ryerson University
Prof Michael R Twiss, Ryerson University
Dr Michel Bedard, Lakehead University
Prof Paola Flocchini, University of Ottawa
Dr Heidi May McBride, University of Ottawa
Dr Bruce C McKay, University of Ottawa
Prof Heidi Sveistrup, University of Ottawa
Dr Carl van Walraven, University of Ottawa
Dr Stephen H Scott, Queen’s University
Dr Graeme Smith, Queen’s University
Prof Roel Vertegaal, Queen’s University
Prof Chi-Hsiang Yeh, Queen’s University
Dr D Ramona Bobocel, University of Waterloo
Prof Thomas P Devereaux, University of Waterloo
Dr Jean Duhamel, University of Waterloo
Prof R Laflamme, University of Waterloo
Prof Andrei Sazonov, University of Waterloo
Prof Siva Sivoththaman, University of Waterloo
Prof John S Hamel, University of Waterloo
Dr Elizabeth L Irving, University of Waterloo
Prof Deborah Zamble, University of Toronto
Dr James Edmond Stafford, University of Toronto
Prof Glenn Schellenberg, University of Toronto
Prof Sam Roweis, University of Toronto
Prof Gilbert G Prive, University of Toronto
Prof Roberto G Abraham, University of Toronto
Prof Alessandro M Forte, University of Western Ontario
Prof Ruth E Martin, University of Western Ontario
Prof L M Wahl, University of Western Ontario
Prof Roberta L Flemming, University of Western Ontario
Prof Penelope L King, University of Western Ontario
Prof Debbie Janice Dupuis, University of Western Ontario
Prof Gordon Southam, University of Western Ontario

2) Round Eight

Prof David A Fowle, University of Windsor
Prof Daniel D Heath, University of Windsor
Prof GaynorE Spencer, Brock University
Prof Maureen Reedyk, Brock University
Prof France-Isabelle Auzanneau, University of Guelph
Prof Jinzhong Fu, University of Guelph
Prof Marica Bakovic, University of Guelph
Prof Manish N Raizada, University of Guelph
Prof James Elder, York University
Prof Robert S Allison, York University
Prof Vincent Tao, York University
Prof Norman David Yan, York University
Prof Bertrand Guenin, University of Waterloo
Prof Roland Hall, University of Waterloo
Prof Achim Kempf, University of Waterloo
Dr Joseph Sanderson, University of Waterloo
Dr Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, University of Waterloo
Dr Susan Louise Tighe, University of Waterloo
Prof Kainman T Wong, University of Waterloo
Prof Kim P Roberts, Wilfrid Laurier University
Prof Brent B Wolfe, Wilfrid Laurier University
Dr Benjamin A Alman, University of Toronto
Prof Ravin Balakrishnan, University of Toronto
Dr Benoit G Bruneau, University of Toronto
Prof Avijit Chakrabartty, University of Toronto
Dr Sabine P Cordes, University of Toronto
Prof Elizabeth A Edwards, University of Toronto
Prof Liisa Ann Margaret Galea, University of Toronto
Prof Scott D Gray-Owen, University of Toronto
Dr D Jaffray, University of Toronto
Dr Mansoor Husain, University of Toronto
Prof Andras Kapus, University of Toronto
Prof Kiriakos Neoklis Kutulakos, University of Toronto
Prof C Barth Netterfield, University of Toronto
Prof Andrew David Paterson, University of Toronto
Prof Erich Poppitz, University of Toronto
Prof R Scott Prosser, University of Toronto
Prof Sharon E Strauss, University of Toronto
Prof Alex Vitkin, University of Toronto
Prof Michael B Wheeler, University of Toronto
Dr Susan E Quaggin, University of Toronto
Prof Jumi A Shin, University of Toronto
Prof Myrna J Simpson, University of Toronto
Prof Bryan A Stewart, University of Toronto
Dr Brian Amsden, Queen’s University
Dr Richard S Ascough, Queen’s University
Dr Adam K Chippindale, Queen’s University
Dr Cathleen M Crudden, Queen’s University
Dr Brian F Cumming, Queen’s University
Prof Jody C Culham, University of Western Ontario
Dr Subrata Chakrabarti, University of Western Ontario
Dr Carole Creuzenet, University of Western Ontario
Dr Dimitre G Karamanev, University of Western Ontario
Dr Bryan D Neff, University of Western Ontario
Prof Bin Ma, University of Western Ontario
Prof Jonathan F Vance, University of Western Ontario
Prof Paul L Gribble, University of Western Ontario
Prof Ronald E Miller, University of Western Ontario
Prof Karen Mossman, McMaster University
Prof David I Shore, McMaster University
Prof Jiming Peng, McMaster University
Prof Alison Sills, McMaster University
Prof Chang-quin Xu, McMaster University
Prof Alex Adronov, McMaster University
Prof Timothy N Davidson, McMaster University
Prof Peter Selinger, University of Ottawa
Dr Michael Giest, University of Ottawa
Prof Javier B Giorgi, University of Ottawa
Dr Dennis E Bulman, University of Ottawa
Prof Christina Lynn Addison, University of Ottawa
Prof Jonathan Bengamin Angel, University of Ottawa