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Details released on 48 Ontario projects to receive funding

Toronto, ON – In early December, the Ontario government announced that it was providing $53.2 million in funding to support 48 projects in universities across the province. The government has now also identified the individual projects being funded.

The $53.2 million represents the province’s matching funding commitment to round four of the Canada Foundation for Innovation Fund (CFI). Project funding is cost-shared between the CFI (40%), the province (40%) and the research institution (20%).

Detailed below are the universities and projects, as well as the Ontario government’s maximum contribution:

Brock University, Lifespan Development Research Centre, $809,160.
Brock University, Integrated Tools for Biotechnology: Genomic, Proteomic, Metabolomic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Approaches, $626,086.
Carleton University, Carleton University Centre for Advanced Studies in Visualization and Simulation (V-SIM), $2,311,738.
Lakehead University, Infrastructure for Watershed Integrated Nutrient Study Sites in the Boreal Forest, $164,991.
Lakehead University, Lakehead University Virtual Centre for Advanced Research in Teaching and Training (LUVCARTT), $621,831.
McMaster University, Centre for Functional Genomics and Chemical Genetics, $1,362,722.
McMaster University, A National Ultrahigh-Resolution Electron Microscopy Facility for Nanoscale Materials Research, $1,101,176.
McMaster University, Biological Microbeam for Low Dose Radiobiology Research, $145,990.
McMaster University, Polymer Microscopy, $113,312.
McMaster University, Major Equipment for Digital Cinema Research, $109,950.
Mount Sinai Hospital, A Program in Integrated Systems Biology – complex relationships and common patterns governing biological networksSamuel Lunenfeld Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital, $1,880,239.
Queen’s University, A Secure Mulitidisciplinary High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory for Innovative Research., $3,990,849.
Queen’s University, Mobile Laboratories for Clinical, Behavioural and Genetic Subgrouping of Families with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities, $357,063.
Queen’s University, Ensuring Performance of Geosynthetics Under Extreme Environmental Conditions, $205,209.
Royal Military College of Canada / Collge militaire royal du Canada, Fuel Cell Research and Innovation Centre, $527,737.
The Hospital for Sick Children, Integrative Genomics for Health Research, $1,454,459.
Trent University, DNA and Forensic Science Research Centre, $1,125,710.
University Health Network, Spatio-Temporal Targeting and Amplification of Radiation Response (STTARR) Innovation Centre, $1,210,389.
University Health Network, Advanced Medical Discovery Institute: Genomic Instability and Cancer Cell Survival, $3,109,000.
University Health Network, Research Program in Immune Tolerance in Transplantation (RITT), $1,328,151.
University of Guelph, Applied Evolution: The Fusion of Genomics and Ecology, $1,255,644.
University of Guelph, Membranes and surfaces in diseases and natural environments – state-of-the-art facilities for biophysical research., $2,272,574.
University of Guelph, A Public Use Microdata Sample of Households in the 1891 Canadian Census: Quebec, the Maritime Provinces and the West,
University of Ottawa / Universit d’Ottawa, Accelerated Discovery of Advanced Catalysts and Catalytic Processes, $2,400,579.
University of Toronto, Centre for Biological Timing and Cognition (CBTC), $3,126,473.
University of Toronto, Facilities for Manufacturing Microcellular and Nanocellular Plastics with Superior Properties with Lowered Weights, $231,854.
University of Toronto, Nanofabrication of Metamaterials, $1,456,492.
University of Toronto, Infrastructure Facility for Centre for Biocomposites and Biomaterials Processing, $704,982.
University of Toronto, Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR), $390,926.
University of Toronto, Rock Fracture Dynamics Facility: Experimental rock deformation and geophysical imaging for validation of coupled-process numerical modelling, $615,574.
University of Toronto, The Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL) at Eureka, $815,590.
University of Toronto, Intelligent Design for Adaptation, Participation and Technology (IDAPT): Innovative Rehabilitation for People in Challenging Environments, $2,287,775.
University of Toronto, Establishment of a national GLP Core Facility to Monitor Immune Responses in Humans to Prophylactic and or Therapeutic Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases, Cancer and Autoimmunity, $113,680.
University of Toronto, Canadian Molecular Cytogenetics Platform, $215,949.
University of Waterloo, Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Systems, $1,385,046.
University of Waterloo, An Experimental and Distributed Laboratory to Sustain Collaborative Work, $41,945.
University of Western Ontario, SHARCNET 2 – Western Infrastructure, $4,297,250.
University of Western Ontario, SHARCNET 2 – Distributed Components, $1,711,439.
University of Western Ontario, Triboindenter and Scanning Probe Facilities for Nanoscale Mechanical and Electrical Studies of Materials and Interfaces, $195,074.
University of Western Ontario, The “Three Little Pigs” Project: Testing Full-scale Houses and Light-frame Buildings to Destruction using Realistic, Extreme Environmental Loads, $853,296.
University of Western Ontario, VESPERS (VEry Sensitive Elemental and Structural Probe Employing Radiation from a Synchrotron) at the Canadian Light Source, $560,130.
University of Western Ontario, Neutron Reflectometer, $226,173.
University of Western Ontario, Soft X-ray Beamline for Microcharacterization of Materials at the Canadian Light Source, $522,724.
University of Western Ontario, The University of Western Ontario Research Data Technology Facility: Promoting Innovative Analysis of Canadian Data, $39,571.
University of Western Ontario, The Biotron, $3,515,970.
University of Western Ontario, Canadian Pain Trials Network, $80,499.
University of Windsor, Large Lake Ecosystems: A facility to quantify and model the impact of multiple stressors, $611,360.
York University, A community approach to multiscale air quality modelling and forecasting, $660,041.