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Technical program to include 2,000 presentations

Pittsburgh, PA – Over 2,000 presentations will be on offer at Pittcon 2014, being held March 2-6 in Chicago. The 2014 Technical Program has been published, and includes symposia, oral sessions, workshops, awards, and posters. A wide range of applications are covered, including biotechnology, biomedical, drug discovery, environmental, food science, fuels/energy, lab management, nanotechnology, polymers/plastics and regulations.

Some of the programming symposia highlights include:

• The symposium “NSF National High Field Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance User Facility: Instrumentation, Science Drivers, Structure, and Operation,” by former Pittcon Plenary Lecturer and current Program Resource Team member Alan G. Marshall will cover mass spectrometry techniques used in fuels, energy and petrochemical.


• The Brazilian symposium, “Science without Borders: Analytical Chemistry Opportunities in Brazil,” will present the Scientific Mobility Program, a government sponsored initiative with the goal of promoting, consolidating and expanding science, technology and innovation in Brazil.


• The ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry will conduct six symposia on analytical methods in areas such as clinical diagnostics, environmental analysis, nanomaterials, chemometrics and separation science.


• “The State-of-the-Art Technologies That Support Safety and Security in the Future (I & II)” symposium with JAIMA will discuss topics in pharmaceuticals, food science, materials and other safety considerations.


• The Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry symposia, “Electroanalysis in Unusual and Extreme Environments,” will talk about the sampling issues with different waste streams and compare various types of bioelectrocatalysis for the different waste stream applications.


• The Royal Society of Chemistry will offer “Royal Society of Chemistry Session” for using SERS in detection of diseases and pharmaceutical science.


• The Association of Lab Managers symposium, “Attracting, Developing and Maintaining a Lab’s Greatest Asset, Its Staff,” will address topics related to laboratory management.


The full technical program can be accessed here.