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Swine research gets $200,000 funding for equipment

Winnipeg, MB – New swine research facilities at the University of Manitoba’s National Centre for Livestock and the Environment is receiving nearly $200,000 in funding support from the federal government for equipment.

The funding will be provided to the Manitoba Pork Council to purchase equipment for the swine research facilities to support improvements and growth in the pork industry. The council has partnered with the University of Manitoba to research sustainable animal production and its impacts on the environment.

“This new funding will give our researchers the tools they need to study more sustainable swine production systems,” said Dr Emoke Szathmary, University of Manitoba president and vice-chancellor. “The National Centre for Livestock and the Environment is unique in North America, and the research made possible by this latest support has the very real potential to improve both our economy and our environment.”

Research will include the accurate tracking of nutrient intake through the animal and into the manure for soil incorporation, environment nutrient interaction on manure components, air and odor quality, water utilization, and energy flow through the animal-barn environment and into the farm ecosystem. Research is also planned on viable group housing and management systems to replace the use of sow gestation stalls.