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Research project to increase value of by-products from ethanol fuel production

Winnipeg, MB – The University of Manitoba will receive funding for further research to enhance the value of livestock feed uses for distillers dried grain, a high protein by-product of ethanol production. The Canada-Manitoba Economic Partnership Agreement is contributing $202,820 towards the project.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences will research different processing technologies and techniques to determine the impact on the yield of ethanol as well as the quality of the by-products. Increasing the value of the by-product will contribute to the long-term success of both the ethanol industry and the livestock feed industry in Manitoba. The emerging ethanol industry also provides an alternative market opportunity for Manitoba grain producers.

“This project builds on a foundation of outstanding research at the University of Manitoba related to new wheat cultivars, efficient fermentation strategies, and value-added co-product development,” says Dr Emoke Szathmary University of Manitoba president and vice-chancellor.

Previous funding of $134,000 was also provided for this project through the Canada Manitoba Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative. The new project is one component of a comprehensive biofuels research program at the University of Manitoba that was established in 2005 with significant support from Husky Energy.