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Greenhouse gases the focus of new partnership

Ottawa, ON – Policy expert network ClimateCHECK says it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Saskatchewan Research Council to provide advisory and verification services for technologies related to greenhouse gas projects to mitigate climate change.

“SRC’s technical expertise with carbon storage in forests and other climate change-related initiatives complements ClimateCHECK’s extensive network of technical experts in the US and Canada,” said Tom Baumann of ClimateCHECK.

He adds that the research council’s contributions to state-of-the-art forest carbon accounting will provide customers with the high level of credibility required for greenhouse gas credits.

Carbon forestry involves using trees to take the carbon out of the atmosphere, reducing levels of greenhouse gases. Improving the management of existing forests and establishing new forests are first steps to making a real difference.

The agreement enables ClimateCHECK and the research council to collaborate in providing advisory and verification services on greenhouse gas projects. The work will have a particular emphasis on carbon forestry projects throughout North America based on the new ISO 14064 GHG Standards and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute (WBCSD/WRI) GHG Protocol for Projects.