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Ontario provides $53.2M for innovation research

Toronto, ON – Forty-eight projects located in 17 universities and research institutions across Ontario are being provided with a total of $53.2 million in funding by the Ontario government.

Recipients were awarded funding based on scientific and technical merit as well as their ability to:

– Build on our capacity for innovation, economic growth, health and environmental quality
– Strengthen our research capabilities
– Increase our excellent pool of research talent
– Encourage use of research infrastructure and
– Encourage private sector partnerships.

Included among the diverse 48 projects are the:

– DNA and Forensic Science Research Centre, Trent University;
– Centre for Functional Genomic and Chemical Genetics, McMaster University;
– The Fuel Cell Research and Innovation Centre, Royal Military College;
– The Impacts of Stressors on the Ecosystems of the Great Lakes, University of Windsor.

The $53.2 million funding represents the province’s matching funding commitment to round four of the Canada Foundation for Innovation fund. Project funding is cost-shared between the CFI (40%), the province (40%) and the research institution (20%).