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Grant supports research into winter flounder for NB aquaculture industry

Saint John, NB – Matthew Litvak, professor of biology and director of the Centre for Coastal Studies and Aquaculture at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, has been awarded a $458,500 research grant. Funded by the National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Litvak lab will study the viability of winter flounder for New Brunswick’s aquaculture industry.

The research will be focussed on furthering the aquaculture industry. The winter flounder shows good potential for the industry due to its good value and natural ability to withstand low temperatures.

Dr Litvak will act as the principal investigator for a team of scientists that includes Dr Vanya Ewart, research officer at NRC’s Institute of Marine Bioscience and adjunct professor Dalhousie University, Dr Cline Audet, professor, Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER), UQAR and Dr Yvan Lambert, research scientist, DFO Institut Maurice-Lamontagne, Mont-Joli, Qubec. New Brunswick’s Bay Shore Lobster along with two Quebec aquaculture associations have also been supportive of the work.

“We are trying to provide the aquaculture industry with new strains of fish, and a protocol to produce fast growing and cold tolerant strains of winter flounder for aquaculture production,” says Dr Litvak. “Success of this project could launch a new era in Canadian aquaculture by allowing its expansion across the entire east coast of Canada.”

The project is expected to conclude in 2007.