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Life sciences suppliers announce strategic collaboration

Carlsbad, CA and Winooski, VT – Life sciences company Invitrogen and microplate instrumentation developer BioTek Instruments say they are collaborating to validate the compatibility of Invitrogen’s reagents and technology platforms with BioTek’s microplate detection instruments.

Invitrogen’s drug discovery products used to study key target classes have been validated on BioTek’s multi-mode microplate reader. This includes FRET cell-based technology for signal transduction pathways and G protein-coupled receptors, TR-FRET technology for kinases and nuclear hormone receptors, a new TR-FRET assay system for lipid kinases, an assay for kinase profiling, and an assay for measuring real-time kinase activity.

Additionally, the multi-mode microplate readers have received special certification from Invitrogen. Through the collaboration, BioTek and Invitrogen say they will continue to develop and promote joint applications for the drug discovery market.

“Through this partnership, drug discovery researchers will be able to obtain integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions, thereby removing the frustration of discovering that the biological assay system they have chosen is not compatible with the instrumentation and vice versa,” said John Printen, director of Invitrogen’s Cell Signaling business segment. “The pharmaceutical research scientist is increasingly under pressure to complete projects faster and this partnership is designed to save the customer valuable time and resources.”

“Each company has a respective strength; and BioTek’s expertise in microplate technology matches perfectly with Invitrogen’s advanced assay platforms,” said Gary Barush, director of marketing and sales for BioTek Instruments. “This partnership enables us to offer superior support beyond that of our instruments, gain a better understanding of customer needs, and partner with them to problem-solve drug discovery applications.”