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Invitrogen-Tecan collaboration to provide integrated solutions

Carlsbad, CA – Life sciences company Invitrogen and laboratory automation and detection provider Tecan say they are working together to validate the compatibility of Invitrogen’s reagents with Tecan’s microplate detection instruments.

Invitrogen’s drug discovery products will be validated on some Tecan microplate readers and instruments. Initial certifications will focus on Invitrogen’s assay systems for key target classes, such as protein kinases, reporter-gene technology for G protein-coupled receptors and a new TR-FRET assay system for lipid kinases. The companies say they plan to develop and promote joint applications for the drug discovery market.

“Through this partnership with Tecan, we will be able to provide integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions to the research community. Previously, this has been a major source of frustration when researchers find that selected technologies are not compatible with the instrument and visa versa,” said John Printen, director of cell signaling for Invitrogen. “Our goal is to enable researchers to easily select the right Invitrogen assay system for optimum performance on Tecan instruments.”

“This program will significantly help researchers in drug discovery and the life sciences to speed up assay development and screening programs. Integrated instrumentation and reagent solutions will make it much easier to rapidly optimize for individual assay conditions, thereby increasing the efficiency of the drug discovery process,” said Siegfried Sasshofer, head of sales and marketing for Tecan’s detection business.