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$15M establishes canola research cluster

Howden, MB – The federal government is providing $15 million in funding to support a new research cluster being led by the Canola Council of Canada. It brings together scientific expertise for research into key areas such as canola oil and meal nutrition and production.

The effort builds on earlier funding that produced preliminary research suggesting canola oil may be helpful in fighting obesity and cardiovascular disease.

“Investment in innovation has driven incredible growth in the canola industry, from increasing sustainable production and value-added processing in Canada to uncovering the health benefits of canola oil and feed value of meal,” says Patti Miller, president of the Canola Council of Canada.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists will collaborate with industry and academia on several priorities including new uses of canola in animal feed diets, ways to maximize production and resistance to stresses, strategies for pest management and disease resistance as well as improving the economic and environmental sustainability of canola production.