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$350,000 for canola health research

Toronto, ON – The Canola Council of Canada says it is providing $350,000 to support research on the role of canola in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and diabetes.

Dr David Jenkins, professor of medicine and nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto, said the funding will allow his team to continue research into nutritional ways of preventing and treating diabetes and heart disease. The first phase of his research project was funded by an earlier infusion of funds from the Canola Product Research Fund.

The $350,000 investment will go toward two key research projects:

– The effect of Canola Oil on Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes – Endothelial Function Assessment (Drs David Jenkins and Cyril Kendall); and

– The effects of Canola Oil Fatty Acid Composition on Insulin Resistance and Obesity (Drs Carla Taylor and Peter Zahradka).