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Prostate cancer researcher lands major research award

Toronto, ON – Dr. Mads Daugaard, a senior research scientist with the Vancouver Prostate Centre, has won the Safeway Rising Star in Prostate Cancer Research Award. A $450,000 research grant provided by Prostate Cancer Canada, the award acknowledges emerging leaders in the prostate cancer research field. The work supported by this grant will help identify a new approach to more effectively diagnosing and treating prostate cancer.

The award, funded via an in-store fundraising and awareness campaign at Safeway grocery stores across Western Canada, acknowledges emerging leaders in prostate cancer research.

Dr. Daugaard’s research looks at the sugar structure CSA, high levels of which have been associated with prostate cancer. His team has developed methods to target and use this sugar to help detect prostate cancer. They will also test to see if the technique can be used to send medicine directly to the prostate cancer tumour.

 “I’m honoured to be receiving this award from Prostate Cancer Canada. It’s incredibly important to young researchers, like myself, to have support. With this research, I hope to be able to add a useful tool to the diagnosis process, as well as a new way to help deliver prostate cancer treatment,” says Dr. Daugaard.

The Safeway Rising Star Award helps research scientists in the initial five years of their first academic or research appointment to help them develop and conduct prostate cancer research.

“Safeway is proud to support talented young researchers like Dr. Daugaard and his team’s innovative prostate cancer research,” says Chuck Mulvenna, president, Safeway Operations, Sobeys Inc.