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$4.5M funding for prostate cancer research biobank

Montreal, QC – PROCURE and the Cancer Research Society have launched a new partnership for funding a biobank that specializes in prostate cancer. The new PROCURE Biobank/Cancer Research Society Partnership, which represents $4.5 million in funding over five years, will be used to provide additional support for prostate cancer research initiatives.

“The financial support … will allow us to achieve greater impact: we will provide researchers in the Canadian and international scientific communities with biological samples and data for innovative, large-scale projects against prostate cancer,” said Cédric Bisson, PROCURE’s chairman of the board.

The partnership is also being funded by three local family foundations: the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation, the Lemaire Family Foundation and the Antonopoulos Group.

PROCURE created the prostate cancer research biobank in 2007 in collaboration with the four Quebec University-based hospital systems (CHUM, CHUS, CHUQ and MUHC).