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News from Pittcon: Companies work with IBM to transform R&D processes to near real-time

Orlando, Florida — March 10, 2003 — More than 30 of the world’s leading analytical instrument and tools companies are using IBM middleware, server platforms and services to develop comprehensive solutions for the life sciences marketplace, IBM announced today at the 2003 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon).

IBM’s business partners, whose products range from microarrays and high-throughput screening devices to chemical analysis instrumentation tools and laboratory information management software, are collaborating with IBM to deliver offerings that will help their customers transform their R&D processes and laboratory operations, innovate, and respond in near real-time to fast-changing business requirements.

IBM and Agilent Technologies, for example, offer a combined solution that integrates IBM’s DiscoveryLink data integration technology with Agilent’s Synapsia Informatics Workbench family of software products. Combined, the technologies help researchers access and perform queries against a broad range of biological and chemical data from diverse sources and in different types of files and formats.

In addition to Agilent, Thermo Electron, Waters, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad Laboratories, LabWare, LabVantage, LIMS and Proteome Systems, are among the 30 companies partnering with IBM in this area.