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Montreal research centre tallies its worth

Montreal, QC September 8, 2003 Economic spin-offs worth over C$4 million together with the creation of over 200 high-quality genomic and proteomic research jobs have been generated by the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre in the 21 months it has been operating, according to Paul L’Archevque, president and CEO of Genome Quebec.

“We’re especially pleased with the results to date,” says Mr L’Archevque. “Over 200 researchers have been working in either the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre or at affiliated centres since its creation in January 2002, and the set of science and technology platforms provided by the Centre have so far helped support over 120 large genomic and proteomic research projects at 35 institutions across Canada, the US and in many other countries.”

Under the scientific leadership of Dr Thomas Hudson, the centre provides researchers with a set of advanced technologies designed specifically for high-throughput research, coupled with a bioinformatics network and four platforms delivering genotyping, sequencing, DNA biochip and proteomics services.

“Besides giving researchers an infrastructure that makes their jobs easier and helps them produce conclusive results in their chosen fields of research, the centre also houses three of our current 15 large research projects, representing a total investment of over $60 million of our corporate portfolio,” adds Mr L’Archevque.

Genome Quebec is a not-for-profit investment organization formed to promote the development of genomic and proteomic research in Quebec. Its mission is to structure and mobilize these major areas of research. Genome Quebec’s key financial partners are Genome Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Economic and Regional Development.