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Materials science research and development alliance formed

Mississauga, ON and Columbus, OH – The Xerox Research Centre Canada (XRCC) and Battelle Memorial Institute have signed a strategic alliance to co-market and collaborate on materials science research services.

The alliance will allow clients of XRCC and Battelle to access the capabilities of the two renowned research organizations – including the use of XRCC’s pilot plant and manufacturing scale-up facility – to augment their own resources in developing and bringing new products to market.

“Innovation has kept us at the forefront of our industry and given us the means to continually solve the challenges our customers bring to us each day,” said Paul Smith, vice president and director of XRCC. “Our alliance with Battelle expands our innovative capabilities and competencies, allowing our clients to achieve even greater outcomes from their ideas.”

Both XRCC and Battelle say they expect the alliance will attract new research customers. “Tapping the innovation of Xerox and Battelle is an agile and cost-effective way for businesses and government to add value, improve performance, gain competitive edge…or create something entirely new,” said Martin Toomajian, Battelle president of energy, health and environment.

Scientists at XRCC specialize in the design and development of electronic materials and specialty components; environmentally friendly processes; coatings, applied nanotechnology; polymer science, engineering and pilot plant scale-up. XRCC is part of the global Xerox Innovation Group, comprised of five research centers that each leverage XRCC’s integrated, global materials research and development mandate.

Battelle manages national laboratories and maintains a contract research portfolio spanning consumer and industrial, energy and environment, health and pharmaceutical and national security.

Battelle and Xerox also share a special historical connection. One of Battelle’s early clients was Chester Carlson whose invention of xerography launched Xerox. Seventy years ago, the two signed an agreement that provided Carlson with access to the Battelle labs in the interest of collaborative research, development and engineering work.