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Xerox research partnership focuses on green chemistry

Mississauga, ON – The Xerox Research Centre Canada (XRCC) has signed an agreement with GreenCentre Canada – a national centre of excellence working with academia and industrial partners to identify and develop green technologies.  As part of the agreement, XRCC will provide process engineering, scale-up, pilot testing, and developmental support to help accelerate the commercialization of GreenCentre’s materials science breakthroughs.

“The Xerox Research Centre Canada is recognized as a centre of excellence for materials science and engineering,” said Paul Smith, vice president and director of the research centre. “Our partnership with GreenCentre extends our foundation of chemical engineering best practices and green materials science. It also underscores our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in all of our materials and processes, while helping to nurture the growth of innovation here in Canada.”

Scientists at XRCC specialize in the design and development of electronic materials and specialty components; green chemistry; coatings; applied nanotechnology; polymer science; engineering; and, pilot plant scale-up.

“GreenCentre is thrilled to have access to the infrastructure and expertise at XRCC, which allows us to take our technology development to a whole new level,” said Rui Resendes, executive director of GreenCentre Canada. “We are now able to significantly expand our ability to serve our clients and stakeholders in advancing game-changing green chemistry technologies for industrial uptake.”

Located near Toronto, XRCC is part of the global Xerox Innovation Group made up of researchers and engineers in four world-renowned research centres. Each centre leverages XRCC’s integrated, global materials research and development mandate. The XRCC generates approximately 160 patentable ideas annually.