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Funding renewed for wildlife research at Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, BC September 23, 2003 – Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Wildlife Ecology has received a contribution of $1 million over five years from the federal government.

“This Government of Canada funding recognizes the Centre’s renowned innovation and research in defining ecology and conservation requirements of bird species important to Canada,” commented David Anderson, minister of the Environment, at the funding announcement.

Projects conducted by the Centre for Wildlife Ecology include physiological and behavioural studies of shore birds from South America to Alaska, endangered bird species in British Columbia, agricultural conflicts with birds, seabirds and climate change, and the biology of seaducks.

The centre’s research projects are focused on species at risk such as the Marbled Murrelet and the Great Blue Heron. Over the long-term, this research will help reduce the number of species at risk in British Columbia. Researchers will be able to gain a better understanding of species at risk and improve ways to conserve them.