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Cancer leaders applaud government investment in research

Toronto, ON March 31, 2003 Cancer research leaders across the province are congratulating the Ontario government for their commitment of $1 billion in funding for a new Cancer Research Institute of Ontario, the aim of which is to inject $100 million each year, for ten years into cancer research.

“Ultimately, this unprecedented investment in cancer research is about patients,” says Dr Robert Bell, chief operating officer, Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network. “The only way we will make significant progress in the fight against cancer is to bring new and innovative treatments to patients sooner than ever. This funding will allow us to do just that, leading to significant improvement in the lives of millions of Ontario cancer patients.”

“This announcement marks a major step forward for cancer research in Ontario and beyond,” says George Glover, Chair of the Ontario Cancer Research Network Board of Directors. “Ontario researchers are among the best in the world. This investment in cancer research will enhance the amount and quality of research being conducted and build on the efforts of organizations like the Ontario Cancer Research Network to make this province an international leader in cancer research.”

Ontario is a strong contributor in the global campaign against cancer and its scientists have impressive strength in many critical areas. Close to 500 researchers are working in Ontario in fields directly related to cancer.