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Ontario government to provide $500,000 for food safety research

Toronto, ON – July 26, 2004 – As part of a group of measures to improve food safety in Ontario, the province’s government has announced funding for research projects designed to enhance the safety of foods produced and processed in the province.

Up to $500,000 is being allocated for a new round of research projects that will focus on:

– developing and validating methods for detecting pathogens and chemicals;
– identifying emerging hazards and contaminants and data to support risk assessments; and
– improving risk management and control in food safety.

A request for proposals has been issued to Canadian universities, agri-food and rural organizations and other researchers with a deadline for submissions of July 30, 2004.

Over the past four years, Ontario has provided support for 34 food safety research projects focused on developing and validating testing methods for use in laboratory and field settings; identifying emerging hazards; and analyzing, assessing and managing food safety risks.