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Animal diagnostics labs join forces in Quebec

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC — June 27, 2003 — Biovet has announced the acquisition of Laboratoire DVQ of Saint-Hyacinthe. This private transaction, the value of which remains undisclosed, gives Biovet 50% of the companion animal market, allowing it to offer Quebec veterinarians what it says is more efficient and complete service.

“With this acquisition we will rapidly become the industry leader in animal diagnostics,” says Daniel Roy, Biovet’s general manager. Roy adds that Biovet customers will now be able to rely on a team of three pathologists that will develop expertise unique in the Canadian private sector. “We are very pleased to welcome the two owners of Laboratoire DVQ, pathologists Dr Lynne Marcotte and Dr Sandra Beaudoin, to the Biovet team. Together, they will form a team with Biovet’s current pathologist, Dr Pierre Hbert,” adds Mr Roy.

The acquisition of Laboratoire DVQ allows Biovet to improve its services by adding a range of complementary diagnostic tests. Before the acquisition, Laboratoire DVQ was an important player in Quebec pet diagnostics, while 60% of Biovet’s sales came from the pork industry.

As well as allowing for economies of scale and increased efficiency, the unification of these two companies will permit a more complete and personalized laboratory service, as well as speed up the transmission of results and strengthen the collection service. This summer, Biovet will move to new operating facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe’s science park, called City of Agri-food, Veterinary and Agro-environmental Biotechnology.