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Swine reproduction company selects reference lab to help improve its epidemiology monitoring

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC September 19, 2003 Veterinary diagnostics maker Biovet says it has just signed an agreement with swine reproduction company Genetiporc. As part of this contract, some 50,000 diagnostic tests will be conducted annually on Genetiporc’s swine livestock. Biovet will also provide its expertise in research and development, acting as a scientific advisor for Genetiporc. The agreement represents annual revenues of $600,000.

Under the agreement, 15 Biovet scientists will help to improve the quality of Genetiporc’s epidemiology monitoring program by developing research and development projects in the areas of immunology and virology, molecular biology (DNA), bacteriology. Test results will be logged on a computer system developed by Biovet that is accessible via a secure Internet site.

Founded in 1984, Genetiporc specializes in the selecting, producing and distributing swine reproducing subjects. It says it produces nearly 95,000 reproducing sows annually. Biovet develops, manufactures and markets immuno-diagnostic tests and proposes innovative diagnostic services for veterinarians.