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$6M supports health research in Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB – $6 million research funding is being provided to the Manitoba Health Research Council by Manitoba’s provincial government.

The Manitoba Health Research Council (MHRC) supports excellence in research in the health sciences in Manitoba through its grants and awards programs. Funding will flow to 84 new research projects in 2011 and will leverage more than $900,000 from local and national partners.

The Manitoba Research Chair Award is MHRC’s most prestigious honour. Two researchers will be awarded $500,000 each over the next five years to support their research efforts. Michelle Lobchuk, assistant professor, faculty of nursing, University of Manitoba, will study the needs of people who care for chronically ill, disabled or dying relatives and how to better support these family caregivers. Brian Mark, assistant professor, department of microbiology, University of Manitoba, will focus on gaining knowledge about bacterial and viral pathogen defence mechanisms against antibiotics and the human immune system.

“Excellence in health research must be identified and given every opportunity to progress and prosper,” said Brian Postl, chair, Manitoba Health Research Council. “Thanks to the provincial government and MHRC’s partners, these opportunities are recognized and the best trainees and new researchers get their start in Manitoba. Continuing to invest in our province’s research potential is critical to the health of Manitobans and the enhancement of our health-care system.”