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$4.2M supports expansion of advanced composites industry

Winnipeg, MB – The Western Diversification Program is providing $4.2 million to the Composites Innovation Centre(CIC) to help it purchase composites equipment for research, complete capital upgrades and hire specialized incremental staff to support initiatives to expand the western aerospace composites sector..

“The CIC’s board of directors and staff are most appreciative of the financial support being provided by Western Economic Diversification Canada over the next three years,” said Sean McKay, Executive Director. “This allows the organization to fulfill its new mandate for providing leadership and innovation to the composites industry in Manitoba and Western Canada, allowing our partners to advance to the forefront of new technology developments and, most importantly, integrate these advanced capabilities into their commercial operations.”

The CIC is a non-profit organization established in 2003 to support and stimulate economic growth through industry-driven applied research and development of industrial applications for advanced bio-composite materials.