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$6.6M funding for science research at composites innovation centre

Winnipeg, MB – Manitoba’s Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) is receiving $6.6 million to continue supporting the growth of an internationally competitive composites industry. The centre is supported by both the provincial and federal governments.

Composite materials are made by embedding strong and light strands of material like glass fibres or carbon threads in a plastic material such as resin. When cured, the final product is extremely lightweight and very strong.

CIC has established a biomaterials laboratory, enabling it to work closely with industrial partners to develop biocomposites that are manufactured from natural fibres such as flax or hemp. The successful development of bio-composite materials will help existing companies grow and attract new ones – taking advantage of the province’s renewable agricultural resources, providing jobs and expanding the rural economy.

CIC was established in cooperation with Manitoba’s leading commercial composite firms. The centre’s focus on product development and improvement has earned it a high level of support from industry participants as well as from the National Research Council and the University of Manitoba.