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Ten Canadian scientists and scholars win Killam Research Fellowships

Ottawa, ON – Ten Canadian researchers have been awarded a total of $700,000 in the 40th annual competition for Killam Research Fellowships, administered by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Among Canadas most distinguished research awards, the Canada Council for the Arts Killam Research Fellowships are made possible by a bequest of Mrs. Dorothy J Killam and a gift she made before her death in 1965. The awards support scholars engaged in research projects of outstanding merit in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering and interdisciplinary studies within these fields.

Killam Research Fellowships, with a value of $70,000 a year, enable Canadas best scientists and scholars to devote two years to full-time research. The fellowships are awarded to the individual recipients, but the funds are paid to and administered by universities or research institutes. The recipients are chosen by the Killam Selection Committee, which comprises 15 eminent scientists and scholars representing a broad range of disciplines.

The new science and mathematic-related Killam researchers are listed below.

Chemistry and Biochemistry:
– Lipkowski, Jacek, University of Guelph: Model Biomembranes at Electrode Surfaces

Environmental Studies:
– Turner, Nancy J., University of Victoria: First Peoples, Landscapes and Time: Loss and Renewal in Ecocultural Diversity

– Perkins, Edwin A., University of British Columbia: Interactive Branching Population Models

Physics & Astronomy
– Gaulin, Bruce D., McMaster University: Neutron Scattering Studies of Exotic Magnetic Ground States in New Materials

– Harris, William E, McMaster University: The Formation and Early Evolution of Giant Galaxies

The other five recipients are researchers in the arts and humanities.