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Study to analyze Canada’s growing pool of biotech talent

Ottawa, ON November 17, 2003 The Biotechnology Human Resource Council (BHRC) has launched a comprehensive study of human resource issues faced by the Canadian biotechnology sector.

The organization says the study is intended to be an important first step in renewing Canada’s biotech HR strategy. It will involve identifying the HR challenges facing the industry, developing strategic and action plans to address the challenges, and to make recommendations. Work on the survey will include a best practices review, email and phone surveys of biotech companies and educational institutions as well as stakeholder interviews. The final study will be due for release in the fall of 2004.

“In order to preserve Canada’s position as a leader in the global biotechnology marketplace, the industry must maintain an up-to-date understanding of human resource issues facing the industry,” says Dale Patterson, the organization’s chair. “The Biotechnology Sector Study will lay the foundation for future decision-making on issues affecting the biotechnology sector’s greatest asset, its human capital.”

BHRC says it is pleased to report that many of Canada’s leading figures in biotechnology have volunteered their time and expertise to tackle these important issues. Biotechnology has far-reaching impacts across many sectors of the economy. A concerted strategy to manage Canada’s human resource needs proactively will help maximize the downstream benefits and grow our capacity as well as maintain our international reputation for scientific excellence.

“The biotechnology sector is poised for new growth and the information gathered by this study will be a critical tool in helping leaders both in their strategic planning and in managing their operations,” says Mark Lievonen, president of Aventis Pasteur and past chair of BIOTECanada.

The study is being undertaken by The Governance Network (TGN), an Ottawa-based consulting firm.