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Royal Society honour for University of Alberta professor

Edmonton, AB – Dr Daniel W Smith of the University of Alberta’s department of civil and environmental engineering has been awarded a 2004 Royal Society of Canada Fellow in the Applied Sciences and Engineering division.

Professor Smith has established himself as one of Canada’s preeminent environmental engineers and an internationally acknowledged water and wastewater treatment, and cold regions researcher. His dedicated research and resulting practical applications for water related issues have proven invaluable both at home and abroad. This has occurred as governments and the general public increasingly seek assurances regarding the safety and reliability of water supplies.

Dr Smith’s discoveries and their applications have extensive implications for the natural environment, urban infrastructure and sustainability of key resource industries. In addition, his published findings related to cold regions are still widely referenced information sources.

Professor Smith has received numerous honours and has disseminated his important findings through more than 300 publications and the guidance of approximately 100 graduate students.