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Research projects in Manitoba get $2M in funding

Winnipeg, MB – Nineteen research projects at the universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg that relate to health, the environment and the development of new technologies are receiving a total of $2.3 million in funding from the Manitoba government.

“This funding from the Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund will provide an important stimulus to the research capacity at the University of Manitoba,” said Dr Digvir Jayas, acting vice-president (research) of the University of Manitoba. “Our researchers are among the very best and this support is critical for these scientists and scholars to have the tools and equipment necessary to carry out innovative research programs.”

Projects at the University of Manitoba are listed below and include lead investigator, project name and funding amount. (Recipients from the University of Winnipeg are below this list.)

Bruce Ford/Robert Roughley. Collaboration with the Canadian University Biodiversity Consortium network database to allow high-resolution mapping of various species and an analysis of distribution data, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). $57,089

Cynthia Ellison. Infrastructure to study immunoregulatory interactions between epithelia and cells of the immune system (CFI). $100,000

Michael Gericke. Development lab for new particle detector technology (CFI). $93,940

Davinder Jassal. Advanced small animal cardiovascular imaging lab (CFI). $100,000

Olanrewaju Ojo. Development of bulk nanostructured and ultra-rine grained lightweight materials (CFI). $98,759

Jennifer van Wijngaarden. A novel broadband microwave spectrometer for probing reactive intermediates (CFI). $100,000

Warren Cariou. Narrative, community and indigenous cultures: creative communities studio (CFI). $74,740

David Barber. L-band scatterometer to support sea ice and Arctic climate change research (CFI). $125,000.

Andrey Bekker. Gas-source stable-isotope-ratio mass spectrometry infrastructure for multiple S and O isotope analysis of geological samples and S compounds from modern atmosphere (CFI). $133,654

Jitender Sareen. Population-based studies laboratory Focused on Aboriginal suicide prevention, military mental health and anxiety disorders (CFI). $98,808

Frank Schweizer/Scott Kroeker. Versatile NMR console for biomedical research and materials science (CFI). $182,447

Wen Zhong. Health-care and medical textile research laboratory (CFI). $100,000

Torsten Hegmann. Small and wide-angle X-ray scattering system for liquid crystal nanocomposite research (CFI). $360,708

Feiyue Wang. Sea-ice Environmental research facility (CFI). $389,250

Geoff Hicks. A toolbox for genome alterations using novel site-specific recombinases (Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology/Genome Prairie). $55,884

Sabine Mai. 3-D telomere analysis and 3-D fluorescent cell-scanning workstation (CancerCare Manitoba). $86,932

Projects at the University of Winnipeg are listed below and include lead investigator, project name and funding amount:

Melanie Martin. In Vivo experimental animal magnet resonance microscopy (MRM) centre application for funding for startup scanner time. $30,000

Craig Willis. Bioenergetics of small, wild mammals: variability, flexibility and responses to change. $79,511

Charles Wong. Occurrence, fate processes and effects of emerging organic contaminants for environmental exposure and toxicity assessment and abatement. $75,000