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New round of CFI funding totals $215M

Ottawa ON – A total of over $215 million by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for cutting-edge research infrastructure has been announced.

Through the CFI’s Leading Edge Fund (LEF) and New Initiatives Funds (NIF), the federal government is supporting 75 projects at 34 institutions across the country.

The LEF enables institutions to enhance successful initiatives that had already received funding from the CFI. The NIF focuses on new infrastructure projects that have the potential to lead to important scientific breakthroughs and benefits to Canadians.

“These research projects are forceful drivers of growth in their respective communities,” said Gilles G. Patry, President and CEO of the CFI. “The beneficiaries of these awards are our research leaders and visionaries. They have an exciting opportunity to create real impact.”

A full list of the funded projects follows, in order by institution, showing project titles, fund and maximum CFI contribution.

Brock University:

– Advanced Methods for Synthesis, Biosynthesis, and Biomanufacturing; LEF, $948,774

Carleton University:

– A Distributed Data Management Infrastructure for Indigenous Knowledge Research with Inuit and First Nations Communities; LEF, $516,323

Center for Addiction and Mental Health:

– Getting Better: Pathways to Progress in Brain Disease; LEF, $2,824,956

École Polytechnique de Montréal:

– Centre de recherche, développement et validation des technologies et procédés de traitement des eaux (CREDEAU); LEF, $1,921,738

McGill University:

– Multiscale Imaging and Analysis of Biological Systems and Biomaterials in Nanomedicine; LEF, $1,506,252

– Structural Biology at the Crossroads of Biology and Medicine; LEF, $4,834,800

– Tools for Nanoscience and Technology Upgrade (‘Nanotools 2’); LEF, $4,520,148

McMaster University:

– Small Angle Neutron Scattering for Advanced Characterization of Nanostructure in Materials; LEF, $3,003,941

Queen’s University:

– Deterioration and Long Term Performance of Buried Infrastructure; LEF, $1,220,000

– Enhancement and Development of New Assessment Tools for Evaluation of Brain Function and Dysfunction; LEF, $1,768,662

– Human Laboratory for the Study and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders; LEF, $1,197,245

– Leading the Search for Dark Matter and Double Beta Decay: Improved Discovery Potential for DEAP-3600 and SNO+ Experiments; LEF, $1,345,285

– Moving Load Facility for Assessment of Bridge Strength and Durability; LEF, $1,390,000

– SuperCDMS at SNOLAB:  Uncovering the Mysteries of the Universe; NIF, $1,709,500

Ryerson University:

– Laboratory for Ultrafast Ultrasound and Optical Methods Used to Probe Cell and Tissue Structure and Function; LEF, $600,000

Saint Mary’s University:

– Canadian Rare Isotope Facility with Electron Beam Ion Source (CANREB); NIF, $1,599,333

Simon Fraser University:

– The Prometheus Project: BC’s Multi-Institution Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Initiative; LEF, $7,715,700

– Upgrade to the ATLAS Tier-1 Data Analysis Centre; LEF, $1,000,000

St. Joseph’s Health Care London:

– A Large Area Detector Dual Energy CT Scanner for Low Radiation Dose Functional Imaging in Oncology and Cardiology; LEF, $961,524

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre:

– Identification and Validation of Novel Drug Targets in Cells, Animals and Humans; LEF, $2,469,665

The Hospital for Sick Children:

– Imaging the Mouse; LEF, $2,772,049

– The Centre for Applied Genomics: Paediatric Genomes to Health; LEF, $1,000,000

Trent University:

– New Horizons for Research at the Trent University Water Quality Centre Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry; LEF, $2,507,332

Université Laval:

– Human and Microbial Integrative Genomics; LEF, $2,873,421

Université de Montréal:

– An Integrated Ultra-High-Throughput Platform for Chemical Systems Biology; LEF, $4,200,000

– Surfaces, Interfaces and Films for Use in New Molecular Devices; LEF, $2,236,000

– The Montreal Cardiometabolic Biomarker and Drug Discovery Consortium (BIOcMET); LEF, $2,312,056

– Environnements d’analyse et de conception des jeux vidéo intelligents; NIF, $425,000

Université de Sherbrooke:

– Infrastructure for Three-Dimensional Vibration Measurement; LEF, $320,000

Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique:

– Infrastructure for Advanced Imaging (IAI), LEF, $5,935,816

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi:

– Infrastructure intégrée des microdonnées historiques de la population du Québec (1621-1965), LEF, $824,849

Université du Québec à Montréal:

– Hexagram, le Centre de recherche-création en arts médiatiques et technologiques, phase 2 UQAM; LEF, $1,182,867

University Health Network:

– The Centre for Cancer Epigenomics (CCE): Advancing Personalized Medicine Through Epigenomics and Genomics, LEF, $3,385,044

University of Alberta:

– Centre for Neural Interfaces and Rehabilitation Neuroscience; LEF, $3,076,491

– Energy Materials Characterization and Control (EMC2); LEF, $3,986,163

– SIFER (Stable Isotope Facility for  Ecosystem Research) – Tracking Fluxes One Molecule at a Time; LEF, $1,478,111

– University of Alberta Centre for Functional, Structural, and Metabolic In Vivo Imaging of Disease, LEF, $5,500,000

University of British Columbia (The):

– Immune System Polymorphism and Host/Pathogen Interactions; LEF, $2,104,522

– A Digital Radio Telescope for CHIME: Three Dimensional Mapping of the Largest Volume of the Universe to Date; LEF, $4,585,372

– Envirotron for Plant Adaptation Research; LEF, $1,061,030

– Genomic Approaches to Personalizing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment; LEF, $5,681,816

– Molecules to Human: Enhanced Phenotyping for Discovery, Prevention, and Treatment of Heart, Lung, and Blood Vessel Disease; LEF, $2,498,597

– Quantum Materials and Devices Foundry; LEF, $1,739,738

– Super Resolution Microscopy: Breaking the Diffraction Barrier; LEF, $1,407,645

– Systems Analysis of Single Stem Cells; LEF, $2,977,910

– Quantum Materials and Devices in the MicroKelvin Regime; NIF, $659,400

University of Calgary:

– An Integrative Approach for Translating Research to Improve Musculoskeletal Health; LEF, $4,739,000

University of Guelph:

– Digital Biodiversity – From DNA Barcode Libraries to Applications; LEF, $654,970

University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa:

– Centre for Advanced Photonics: Translating Discovery to Innovation; LEF, $2,970,883

– Sustainable Chemical Synthesis from Renewable Feedstocks; LEF, $5,732,853

University of Regina:

– Western Canada Integrated Environmental Simulation and Risk Assessm
ent Associated with Climate Modeling; LEF, $662,873

University of Saskatchewan:

– Biomolecular Research Facilities: Supporting Agricultural, Health & Environmental Sciences; LEF, $1,599,798

– Enhancing the Spectromicroscopy Beamline and Endstations at the Canadian Light Source; LEF, $1,640,000

– Towards a Compact Light Source: a Dedicated Laser Wakefield Accelerator End Station for Canada; LEF, $543,440

University of Toronto:

– Centre for Biofouling Control (CBC); LEF, $594,445

– Centre for Chemical Analysis; LEF, $656,767

– Development of Open-Access Research Tools for Epigenetics; LEF, $2,402,926

– Nanomaterials for Energy; LEF, $3,412,588

– Ontario Centre for Characterisation of Advanced Materials; LEF, $4,601,343

– Technology and Instrument Developments for Space and Ground-based Astronomy; LEF, $400,000

– The Host-Microbiome Research Network; LEF, $6,000,000

– Centre for the Evaluation of Technological Innovation (CETI); NIF $1,199,915

– High-Pressure Blow-Down Facility for Gas Turbine Combustion Research; NIF $2,040,000

University of Victoria:

– Biogeochemical Monitoring of Mid-Ocean Ridge Axis Processes Using the NEPTUNE Canada Cabled Observatory; LEF, $1,620,935

University of Waterloo:

– Facility for Global Quantum Communication and Security Certification; LEF, $490,000

– Ontario Materials Technology: Harnessing the Power of Strategic Multifunctional Materials for Emerging Technologies; LEF, $1,474,545

– Green and Intelligent Automotive (GAIA) Research Facility, NIF $2,128,182

– Privacy Enhancing Technologies at a Global Scale; NIF $654,545

University of Western Ontario (The):

– AFAR Takes Flight: New Technologies to Study Global-, Regional-, and Local-Scale Movement Ecology of Free-Living Birds; LEF, $1,371,999

– Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping; LEF, $2,494,098

– Facility for Load-Bearing Imaging, Biomechanics and Clinical Orthopaedics Research (LIBCOR); LEF, $1,342,675

– National Centre for Audiology; LEF, $765,565

– Centre for the Development and Testing of MR-Compatible Medical Devices and Technology; NIF $705,911

University of Windsor:

– Environmental Stressors in the Great Lakes: Assessment, Function and Remediation; LEF, $2,525,000

York University:

– Full Field Vision and Spatial Orientation; LEF, $790,891