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New foundation to focus on fetal alcohol research with $1M in funding

Winnipeg, MB – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) research is being boosted with the creation of the Canadian Foundation on Fetal Alcohol Research (CFFAR). The new foundation was introduced last week at the 8th Annual Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise Research Roundtable.

The organization was created with an initial contribution from the Brewers Association of Canada that will provide $1M over the next five years to fund research projects in the study of FASD. Research applications will be peer-reviewed and grants will be awarded on an annual basis. Dr Louise Nadeau, professor at the Universite de Montreal and Scientific Director of the University Institute on Dependencies of Quebec, will serve as the chair of the board of directors for the new foundation.

“Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a completely preventable disorder that affects over 300,000 Canadians,” he says. “The foundation will advance the understanding of the bio-medical, psychological and social impacts of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Tools and strategies to assist the children and adults who live with FASD will be developed, ultimately leading to a reduction of incidences of this disorder.”