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$19.5M renews neurodevelopmental disorders research network

Vancouver, BC – NeuroDevNet, a Vancouver-based national network is being renewed for five years with funding of $19.6 million from the federal government. The funding supports collaborative research into pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders, specifically autism, cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

As one in six children is affected by a neurodevelopmental disorder, there is a need to expand diagnostic capabilities and introduce new therapeutic options. NeuroDevNet researchers and partners investigate the genetic and environmental causes of these disorders and improve our understanding of children’s brain development.

“It is wonderful to have this affirmation of the importance of NeuroDevNet’s work in improving the quality of life of children with neurodisabilities and their families,” said Dan Goldowitz, scientific director, NeuroDevNet. “Five years of additional funding will enable NeuroDevNet to move many initiatives from our first years as an NCE to bring about new policies and practices that benefit children with neurodevelopmental disorders.”