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Natural sciences and engineering academics receive $510M in research funding and scholarships

Ottawa, ON – New grants and scholarships worth $510 million were today announced for professors and students across the country. The funding was awarded following national, peer-reviewed competitions conducted by Science and Engineering Research Canada (NSERC).

The funds provide the primary support for research in dozens of fields, such as chemistry, life and material sciences, mathematics and civil engineering. The professors dedicate a large portion of their grant funds to training Canadian undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers.

“Canadian universities are appointing hundreds of new professors to replace those who are retiring. It is also very good for Canada that these new people are not only eager, but well qualified to do research,” said NSERC President Tom Brzustowski. “NSERC discovery grants are very important because they provide funding to create new knowledge.”

Across Canada, 3,040 professors will receive $380 million in discovery grants to support their research in natural sciences and engineering. In addition, 2,675 young university researchers – 2,398 at the graduate level and 277 at the post-doctoral level – will be receiving $111 million to pursue their studies in these fields. As well, 4,253 students will receive Undergraduate Student Research Awards, worth a total of $19.1 million.

“The NSERC scholarships are a great investment in people and in Canada’s intellectual wealth,” said David Emerson, the federal minister of industry. “These are the bright minds that will generate Canada’s future innovations, competitiveness and prosperity.”

NSERC also supports research projects with industry partners that put new knowledge to productive use in the economy. The results of those competitions are announced throughout the year.