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Manufacturers agree to integrate ultra performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry products

Milford, MA – Waters Corporation and Thermo Electron Corporation say they are collaborating to provide greater integration and connectivity between the Waters’ ultra performance LC system and Thermo’s full range of innovative mass spectrometers (MS).

They say the collaboration is in response to scientists and laboratory technicians in the mass spectrometry community who seek the advantages in certain applications of using UPLC with MS, which includes increased throughput and performance. They say these same users also want more unified control and results management software to seamlessly combine these complementary technologies.

“UPLC peaks are narrower and sharper, signal-to-noise ratios are higher, and run times are shorter which are all key factors in enhancing the performance of virtually any mass spectrometer thus bringing laboratories new levels of efficiency,” says Rohit Khanna, vice president of worldwide marketing at Waters. “For Waters customers, the seamless combination of UPLC technology with Thermo’s high performance mass spectrometry systems promises to bring laboratories more information per unit of time resulting in greater productivity.”